We love horse racing and as enthusiasts, we no more want to lose money enjoying our sport than you do. The following advice is common sense but we follow it and it works for us.

Never bet on Heavy tracks

  • Form tends to go out the window when the track is saturated

Never bet on races with more than 14 horses

  • The greater number of horses, the harder it is to pick a winner

Prepare a budget and stick to it

  • Always budget for your days punting and NEVER exceed your budget.
  • Too many people start big and do not have enough budget to comfortably finish the day and you guessed it, the race you miss will be the winner.

Listen to the experts

  • They follow racing for a living and should have a good idea of what should do well on a given track

Stop while ahead

  • If you have a really good win, stop betting for the day, it will ensure you remain profitable.

Track Bias

  • Keep Track bias in mind. Track Bias is something that is not very well understood but it essentially means the effect the days track conditions can have on race outcome. This can be everything from the rail placement to the weather conditions. A simple rule is do not favour inside runners after about race 4 on a wet day, the inside running gets muddy and the horses slow up on the rail accordingly.

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